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Early College Credit Program

At the Charter School of San Diego, our students have the opportunity to earn early college credit for free while in high school through two opportunities: College Dual Enrollment and Articulated College Credit.


The College Dual Enrollment Program at The Charter School of San Diego (CSSD) provides opportunities for high school students to take college courses for college credit while completing high school coursework. College courses may be taken on a college campus or online.

College Dual Enrollment Flyer (English)

College Dual Enrollment Flyer (Spanish)

Why participate in College Dual Enrollment?
Start working toward a certification or degree while still in high school! Meet your high school requirements while earning college credits.

Boost your GPA by earning extra GPA points for college classes.

Improve your self-confidence, self-image, and self-advocacy skills.

Expand your course options beyond your high school course offerings.

Explore career options and your chosen career pathway through expanded college course options.

By enrolling in college, you will gain access to college courses and the resources offered by your college.

Taking college courses will help you to get a feel for a college workload and expectations. This could help you more easily transition from high school to college.

Decrease your college costs by completing the required coursework now! College tuition is waived while you are a dual enrollment student.

Please note: Other fees may apply. Consult your teacher or school counselor for more details. 

Which college course should I take?

Students will work with their teacher and counselor to create a course plan. Students will have a variety of course options from multiple subject areas, but we recommend that college dual enrollment students focus on the following course categories:

  • Career/Life Planning and Personal Growth Courses
    • Plan for your future and explore career options
  • Career Technical Education (CTE) Courses
    • Complete and Expand your career pathway
    • Work towards and earn a certification
  • Government/Economics
    • Complete a high school graduation requirement while earning college credit
  • Art/World Language
    • Expand your options and earn additional high school credits
What are the requirements for College Dual Enrollment?

CSSD students will need to be approved for their college dual enrollment course by their CSSD teacher and CSSD school counselor. Remember, this college course will be in addition to the student’s high school coursework, and the student needs to demonstrate that they can balance and complete both high school coursework and their college coursework at the same time.

There is an application process to enroll and register for the college dual enrollment course. The student’s CSSD teacher and the CSSD school counselor can support the student through this process.

Steps to Apply

  • Apply for admission to the community college
  • Submit a release form ​
  • Add and enroll in the college course
Where should I take my College Dual Enrollment course?
Students are welcome to take their College Dual Enrollment course at the community college of their choice, either on-campus or online. CSSD currently has partnerships with Coastline College, Miramar College, and San Diego City College. These valuable partnerships offer additional benefits and support for our College Dual Enrollment students. The benefits of this partnership include enrollment workshops, course planning and advising from a college counselor, and fee waivers.

Coastline College

Dual Enrollment at Coastline College

Course Recommendations at Coastline College

Miramar College

Dual Enrollment at Miramar College

Miramar College Dual Enrollment Presentation

San Diego City College

San Diego City College Dual Enrollment Presentation

Articulated credit is a process by which a high school student may earn college credit through successful completion of a certain high school course where students achieve learning outcomes, skills, and abilities comparable to those covered in a college course. This process is outlined in a written, formal agreement between the high school and college. This means that high school students can earn early college credit while still in high school by completing certain high school courses with a “B” or higher.

What are the benefits of articulated college credit?
  • Allows students to get a jump start on their future college pathway- save time on earning a certification or degree!
  • No costs associated for the student- FREE COLLEGE CREDIT!
  • Students enter the workforce or college pathway better prepared with increased confidence!
  • Explore a chosen career pathway
  • No need for transportation to a college. All articulated courses are taken at the high school where the student is enrolled.
Which high school courses are articulated?

CSSD has a variety of elective courses that are articulated. Ask your teacher to find out exactly which courses are available to you for articulated college credit.

How do I apply to receive articulated college credit?

If you are completing high school courses that are articulated, follow the process below to earn articulated college credit:

  1. Create an openCCC Apply Account.
  2. Apply to the community college that has an articulation agreement for your course.
  3. Create a student CATEMA account with your college ID.

Please work with your CSSD teacher for support through the application process and application deadlines.

Articulated College Credit through MiraCosta College

CSSD offers a number of articulated courses through a formal agreement with MiraCosta College.

Articulation Information Video

MiraCosta Articulation Flyer

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